Android Network Advertising Displays

Android Advertising Displays designed for use in most commercial applications.

Our advertising displays features tempered glass front without buttons to avoid unnecessary tampering. Designed to look like a giant tablet, their stylish enclosure is slim and has an aluminium surround.


IPS Panel

These screens offer a wide viewing angle coupled by exceptional image quality that is 2 times brighter than your standard TV.

24/7 Commercial LED

Commercial grade LCD panel with LED frame that can be left on 24/7 without any detriment to the quality and life of the screen .

Touch Upgrade

Touch functionality is available on both freestanding and wall mounted screens. It allows your customers to interact with your brand. ther upgrades include integrated camera, WiFi / LAN and integrated speakers.

Android Player

With the built in Android Media Player you can easily connect and remotely upload content to multiple screens through WiFi, LAN or 4G.




Android Network Advertising Displays

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Freestanding Digital Posters

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Multi touch Advertising Displays 

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Double Sided Freestanding Digital Posters

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