Digital Signage Advertising Displays

We offer a wide range of commercial grade Digital Signage solutions designed for 24/7 usage. Digital Signage can be used in retail settings, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, corporate environments, the possibilities are endless. We can help you to engage with your audience. Contact us today.

Menu Covers and Professional Displays

Choose from a wide range of professional signage for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés and hospitality. We offer chalkmarkers and boards, as well as menu holders, queuing barriers and a massive variety of other signage tools to help you increase your business.

Professional Charging Solutions

Improve customer experience by allowing your visitors to charge their mobile devices. Whether you are running a coffee shop, a salon or a restaurant, we can provide you with power as a service that will increase customer satisfaction. Let us help you charge your business.

Providing you with solutions to help you engage with your audience.

The philosophy of Innovative Solutions is simple. We believe in marketing that not only makes a statement, but also makes a difference. We pride ourselves on knowing our products inside and out. We focus on tailoring our services to specifically fit your individual needs. Our products speak business.